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Our monthly surprise box we call Beautiful "Junque Mail"!

The boxes will include hand-picked favorites each month by the Beautiful Junque gals to help you be inspired by your surroundings!  What we loved about these boxes is that each month they will contain handmade items from 1-2 of our local makers- how cool is that?!  

It will vary month to month; some of the items you may find in your box are: home decor, inspirational items, kitchen items, treats, accessories, stationary products, and jewelry!

Our first box, the May Junque Mail Box, would make a perfect Mother's Day gift!

Like anything else you order from our website, we can have it shipped to your door (or someone else's as a gift), or you can do in-store pickup!  We can't wait to give you your Beautiful JUNQUE MAIL!

***Junque Mail Boxes are exempt from free shipping over $75 purchases and are exempt from any special deals or promotions  we recommend purchasing your Junque Box separately from any other items you may wish to purchase.

Pre-order the next month’s Junque Mail Box here!

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May's Junque Mail Box